Andai Aku Bisa Tarik Lidah Itu

That title reminds me of that day, i Called it “Skype n’ YM day“. Started by Joke and ended by our sincere smile. Short but stunning enough to memorize for rest of my life. IDM you mentioned? did you say it at the beginning? still so clear the way you say it.

Has it been 5 times meeting? oh God.. the first and the last one was the best as usual and its true. Hey litle boy!!! what was your name again? Hafiz right?? I smilled remembering your fingers typing in my netbook’s keyboard, your fingers was really cute and tiny  😀 and we met twice litle master and the second was the day you got your cocolate i promised the day before.

Bangke!!! i never met your father till the day the story ends, nor your mother even i really wanted to but… it’s OK since we might not know what it would be 🙂

These are the words we used to type and say on each chat or conversation on the call:

  • dodol
  • bangke
  • dongol
  • muk landengm
  • abang
  • neng

:mrgreen: so funny and i won’t forget it. Night after night, how many hours? Ok..Ok.. stop it..  i am going to take my Magrib Prayer then.

Gili TR, Mess, My Bed, 30May12 6:19 PM, time for Praying.

2 Responses to Andai Aku Bisa Tarik Lidah Itu

  1. Neng says:

    I’ll never forget that’s all,,
    most beautiful memorize of my life..

    my cool badboy, but now ..NOT anymore.. Lol hehe
    Wish U all the best.. Bang ^_^/

  2. bages says:

    seandainya lidah bisa kembali kesemula mas bro

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